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888Caption - Overview
888Caption is a support program for playing on 888poker. It also supports TowerTorneos, (Nevada, USA),, and, (New Jersey, USA), SnapCallPoker (Taiwan),,

The program is free for microstakes (up to NL10/PLO10 cash and $3 tourney buy-in). If the program detects any other table, it closes automatically.
You need to request the trial to use it on any stakes. To do it, run the poker client, login and don't open tables. Click 'License / Request for Trial'. You can use one month trial after registering.

888Caption is officially approved by 888 support.

A brief list of features:

1. Betscript:
- predefined open raise values for any position, taking into account the number of limpers for cashgame (the value automatically entered to the bet box at hero action),
- open raises for tournaments depending on the level of the blinds and number of limpers,
- bets and raises on the postflop, depending on the size of the pot and/or the size of opponent bets,
- 3bet sizes IP and OOP depending on the size of opponent open raise,
- 4bet sizes IP and OOP,
- betting hotkeys for %pot bets and/or bets in bb,
- on-screen buttons can be done for bets in bb (for preflop) and %pot bets (for postflop).

2. Hotkeys:
- smart check/fold - program clicks the appropriate button depending on there is a hero action or not and which buttons are available,
- call, bet/raise, Sit out next bb, Sit me out, Sit out next bb at all tables, Fold to any bet, fast note setting, table closing, etc.

3. Mouse wheel can be set to change a bet at any value (in bb or $), wheel direction can be changed, bet size on postflop can be changed as % of pot.

4. Customizable HUD with the ability to display a wide variety of information - stake, blinds level, number of tables with hero action, total number of tables, pot odds, SPR, size of the pot and stack on the next street (depends on the current value in bet box and size of the pot), bet box valie as % of pot, number of not folded players , tourney stats - average stack, number of players, tournament position, number of ITM positions; table positions of hero and opponents, countries.
Numerical information in the HUD can automatically color depending on the value, also set the colors of positions; position names can be customized to any table size.

5. Lobby settings.
The lobby is not minimized when opening tables,
You can crop the lobby to save space.

6. Various options:
Auto I'am back (separately for cash and tournaments), table uder mouse brings to foreground, auto time bank, auto turn off 'Post JP', stacks / bets / buttons in big blinds (separately for cash and tournaments), bb bet box, fast table tooltips, table cropping - removing table title bar / table frame and many other features.

7. Auto processing of various message boxes.
Auto buy-in, auto rebuy for short/midstackers (auto rebuy when the stack falls below a predetermined value), auto click buttons in the 'Join table' dialog depends of number of opened tables.

8. Frame around of table for a variety of criteria.

9. Table manager with slots and customizable configurations.

10. Fonts/colors editing for various inscriptions on the table - nicknames, stacks, buttons, pot, etc.

11. Integrated with Hand2Note

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