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PartyCaption has own independent text note system.

PatryCaption stores them in PCaptionNotes.txt file in the same folder. Also there are 10 last copies saved (PCaptionNotes_0.txt, PCaptionNotes_1.txt ... PCaptionNotes_9.txt).

You can save PCaptionNotes.txt before Windows reinstall or if you need to move notes to another PC.


You can watch this video about text notes:

HUD / Active must be enabled to use a Set note hotkey


Also there was some changes in PartyCaption since this video was recorded. To display a text note popup for a HUD panel, you should to configure Note in OnHover setting for it:



In addition, for working with text notes there is an option Options / Notes Editor / Player Notes Editor. This option allows you to view text notes on all the players on which they were made, add, delete and edit them:



At the top of the Player Notes Editor window there is a search bar, with which you can find the players you need in the list. If the player is not in the list, then you can use the Add note button to add notes to him.


Also in Options / Notes Editor some other useful options are available:

Text note template - here you create a note template - some default text that will appear in Note editor for any player without a note.

Font - allows to configure font type and size for Note editor.

Font color - allows to configure font color for Note editor.

Background color - allows to configure background color for Note editor.


Also you can use HUD / OnHover popup options (Font, Font color and Background color) to configure font and colors for popups.


The latest version of PartyCaption also support colored text in notes - in HUD tags, OnHover popup and in Note editor window.

To color a text, select it with the mouse or keyboard and click one of the colored buttons at the top.
To clear coloring, select a text and click Clear button.

Color tags mode can be used to see or directly edit plain text with color HUD tags, [c=] and [c=!]. You can use this mode to copy this text to the Text note template, for example.

Color buttons are configurable - use right click to change a color for any button.


If you need write a note for opponen who left a table, then you can use this way:

1. Configure OnClick / Note editor for one of Player panels.

2. Turn on Show panel / for player who left a table for this panel.

3. This panel will be displayed for left / busted players, so you can click this panel and write a note.


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