PartyCaption - Convert chips

This tab allows you convert the display of stacks/bets/pot/labels on the buttons as the big blinds, Adj BB or M factor.

Cash table


Active - activates the display of stacks/bets/pot/labels on the buttons as the big blinds for the cash tables. Stacks, bets, pot and inscriptions on the buttons are converted by this option.

Multiplier - you can configure convert multiplier here. Without multipler you will see all cash tables like they are NL100 tables, and with this option you can change it, so they will be displayed like NL25 or NL1000.

It does not convert the bet box. Instead of this an additional bet box can be displayed on the table, see below the Custom bet box option.



Tourney table


Active - activates the convert chips feature for tournament tables.


Convert type - type of chips conversion:

to bb - chips will be converted to big blinds.

to effective bb (Tourney Adj BB) - chips will be converted to Adj BBs.

to M - chips will be displayed as M factor.


Multiplier - you can configure convert multiplier here.





Label before or after the bb value - here you can specify the text that will be displayed before or after the converted value.


Position - determines where the text will be displayed - before or after the value.



Custom bet box


Use Custom bet box - turns on the display of the custom bet box for displaying and entering bets in the big blinds. In order for this option to work, the HUD (HUD / Active option) must be enabled. After the custom bet box appears on the table, it can be moved to the desired location with the right mouse button (with the HUD / Lock HUD option disabled). It is most convenient to place it above the original bet box so that it can not be seen.


Bet box font size - allows you to adjust the font size in the custom bet box. In this case, the height of the betbox will be selected automatically, depending on the font size.


Bold - activates the bold font in the bet box.


Width factor - changes the width of the bet box. The width of the bet box is calculated by multiplying the height by a given value (the height is calculated automatically based on the font size).


Right alignment - allows you to change the alignment of the bet in the bet box - by default it is left, if the option is enabled it will be right.


Align - this option is intended for selecting a type of text alignment in the bet box. You can choose Left, Right or Center alignment.


Highlight bet amount - text will be highlighted it the bet box after setting a bet by betscript, betting hotkey or HUD betting button.


in pot% for postflop bet - if this option is active and on a postflop hero is in a situation where it's possible to make a bet (that is, there were no bets on this street yet), instead of the values in the big blinds, the bet box will work in the percentage of pot mode. That is, you can enter the value from the keyboard as a percentage of the pot, or see what percentage of the bet you want to make by changing the bet value using the betslider buttons or the mouse wheel. The % symbol will be displayed in the bet box if it is in this mode.


Show if 'Convert chips' is disabled - if this option is enabled, then custom bet box will be displayed on a table also when table is in a chips mode (but it will not work if table is in a native party table BB mode).



bb decimals


Specifies the number of decimal places when for converted values. You can select 0, 1 or 2 digits, or one of several adaptive options, in which the number of digits depends on the displayed value.





Allows you to configure the hotkey to disable the convert chips feature on a specific table. Using the hotkey again turns it back.

This hotkey also will work if the convert chips options is initially disabled, so you can use it to turn on Convert chips option too.



Color range


You can configure up to five different stack colors for five different stack ranges

With these settings stacks lower than 20bb will be red, between 20bb and 40bb - orange, between 40bb and 60bb - yellow, etc.

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