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There are two sub-tabs on the Hotkeys tab - Basic hotkeys and Bettng hotkeys.



Betting hotkeys


On Betting hotkeys tab you can configure hotkeys for betting.

You can read about Betting hotkeys settings in 888Caption description - it has the same settings for es/fr/nj users (in PartyCapiton v1.87f versions).

For users options are the same, but without any filters and Push if bet > X% of stack option (these options are prohibited in pool).



Basic hotkeys


On this tab you can set up a variety of hotkeys.



Hotkeys trigger for a table, which at the time of activation is under the mouse. But some hotkeys are global and they work anythere. If the hotkey is global, then this will be described in its description.


As hotkeys you can use either keyboard shortcuts or mouse buttons. To set a keyboard shortcut, you need to put the cursor to a hotkey box and press the appropriate combination on the keyboard. It can be single keys or combinations with Ctrl / Alt / Shift.


To set the mouse button as a hotkey, select the appropriate value from the drop-down list. Also there are some special combinations present.


The list has the following values:



To clear a hotkey you have to press any modifier in the hotkey box - Ctrl, Alt, or Shift.



Hotkeys description


Check/Fold - clicks one of the switches 'Check/Fold' or 'Fold' (when the hero is waiting for turn), or one of the buttons 'Check' or 'Fold' (when it is the turn of the hero). The desired button is selected depending on the situation at the table (the 'Check' button is clicked, if it is available, otherwise the 'Fold' clicked). Also 'Check/Fold' hotkey clicks 'Check' pre-action button (instead of 'Check/Fold') option affects to operation of this hotkey (see below).


Call - clicks the 'Call' button.


Bet/Raise - clicks 'Bet' or 'Raise'.


All-in - all-in bet/raise or call of all-in.


Rebuy - tournament or cashgame rebuy. For cashgame it rebuys to Dialogs / Rebuy value.


Rebuy 10bb - adds 10 big blinds to your stack in cashgame.


Sit me out - clicks Sit me out checkbox on the table.


Sit me out at all tables - clicks Sit me out checkbox on all tables.


Sit out next bb - clicks Sit out next bb checkbox on the table.


Close the table - closes the table. Confirmation dialog can appear, and Table options / Opening and closing / Auto confirmation of table closing options can be used to auto accept it.


Immediately close the table - closes the table with auto acception any confirmation dialogs.


End of session - clicks Toggle 'End of session' mode button (see descripbion below).


Sit out next bb at all tables - clicks Sit out next bb checkbox on all tables.


'I am back' at all tables - clicks I am back button on all tables.


First button (Fold, I am back) - clicks the first action button without checking.


Second button (Call, Check) - clicks the 2nd action button without checking.


Third button (Raise, Bet) - clicks the 3rd action button without checking.


Fold and watch (FF) - turn on Watch on fold checkbox and folds on fastforward table.


Auto-rebuy to Max at all tables - turn on Auto-rebuy to Max checkbox on all tables.


Close PartyCaption - closes the program (global hotkey).


Tile - tiles the tables (global hotkey).


Set note - shows a set note dialog.


This hotkey should be used on one of your opponents on a table and it doesn't work in other places. To use it, HUD / Active option must be enabled. This dialog allows you to set color marks to players and edit text notes.



Color buttons are for setting color marks.


T button is for edit of text notes.


There is a video about this hotkey and also some description about using of the text notes.


Use Options / Set note dialog hides when table clicked option to control of a set note dialog - it will automatically close or not when you click on the table, depending on the state of this option.


Sit out next bb and close table - clicks Sit out next bb checkbox on the table and renames it to Sit out next bb and close table. After going to sit out table will be automatically closed after a Close time seconds. Close time can be configured beside.


Set table size - resizes the table, the table size is set as a percentage of the nominal size There are two different hotkeys with such name so you can configure two different sizes.


Inc bet - increase a bet size in the bet box on a given amount of big blinds.


Dec bet - decrease a bet size in the bet box on a given amount of big blinds.


Lobby - hides/shows a lobby. It will be a main lobby for a cash game table and tournament lobby for a tourney table.


Note editor - opens a text note editor. You can open it also by using of a Set note hotkey and clicking the T button in a set note dialog.


Replayer - opens replayer.


Toggle General HUD - turns on/off General HUD (global hotkey).


Mark the table, Mark the table 2 - marks table for use it in Table highlight / Marked table. Also Mark the table can be used to postpone closing a tournament table - use SnG/MTT / Close marked table (via Hotkeys / Mark the table) after Xs for this.



Table cycling



These options can be used to switch between tables. There are three hotkeys and some additional options.


Forward - hotkey for switching to the next table.


Backward - hotkey for switching to the previous table.


Most urgent table - hotkey for switching to the most urgent table (global hotkey).


Cycle tables - defines which tables will be switched using Forward and Backward hotkeys:


Mouse jump to table - mouse cursor will be moved to activated table.


Fold/Call/Bet hotkeys cycles forward - all these hotkeys will cycle to the next table.




Mouse wheel



This option can be used to adjust the bets using the mouse wheel.


Active - turn on it to activate the mouse wheel option.


Up and Down - define bet box value change when turning upwards and downwards, respectively. The value changes in fractions of the big blind, or in dollars (chips), depending on the option on the right.


% of pot on postflop - if this option is enabled, then the value changes as a percentage of the pot on the postflop. The percent is set by the option below.


Invert - this option allows to reverse a wheel direction. By default, scrolling wheel upwards increases the value in the bet box and down decreases.




Other features


Disable mouse hotkeys if Shift holded - deactivate all mouse hotkeys while Shift key is holded.


Disable keyboard hotkeys if Player note is under mouse cursor - keyboard hotkeys will be disabled if text note editor is under mouse cursor.


Disable keyboard hotkeys if chat is under mouse cursor - keyboard hotkeys will be disabled if chat is under mouse cursor.


Use pre-action buttons for 'Call' and 'Bet/Raise' hotkeys - by default Call and Bet/Raise hotkeys will click only action Call/Bet/Raise buttons. But if this option is enabled, then they will click pre-action buttons too.


'Check/Fold' hotkey clicks 'Check' pre-action button (instead of 'Check/Fold') - there are two different pre-action can be available, Check and Check/Fold. By default, Check/Fold hotkey will click Check/Fold pre-action button if it available. But if this option is enabled, it will click Check pre-action button instead.


Replayer hotkey closes replayer if it opened - second use of Replayer hotkey will close a replayer.


Toggle 'End of session' mode - you can turn on this mode by clicking this button and turn it off by clicking it again. Also you can do it by using End of session hotkey.

When this mode is activated, Sit out next bb and close table will be enabled on all tables. Also any Seat Available dialog boxes will be declined regardless of other settings.



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