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Screen names change - May 11, 2021


If your PartyCaption license is linked to a screen name (that is, the License / Use screenname-linked license option is enabled), then this license will stop working after changing the screen name.


License renewal options:

1. A significant part of the licenses is activated not only for screen names, but also for account names (if at the time of activation PartyCaption knew your account name). You can turn off the License / Use screenname-linked license checkbox and check if the license is working. If it works now, then it will work after the screen name change too.

2. If you want to continue to use the license linked to the screen name, then contact me by any of these methods and give me your old and a new (after screen name changing) License IDs and I will renew your license.




License information is not stored on the user's computer, but requested from the license server.

Loading license information occurs when the program detects that the user is logged in to the poker client. The program determines the user's nickname and requests information from the license server.


Without registration, the program works without any restrictions on NL10/PLO10 and lower stakes as well as in tournaments with buy-in $3 or less. All other tables will be automatically closed without any notice!


Also you can request one month trial to test the program on any stakes. To do it, run the poker client, login and click the 'Request for Trial' button.


If you play in several poker rooms, then you can add all your nicknames to the license and use one license for all party-based poker rooms.


Also you can see a brief info about license in the lower right corner of the main window:


"Unknown (waiting login)" means that the program does not have license information and waits for the user to login to the poker client.

License tab is as follows, if the user is logged in, but the license for his nickname is not found on the server:


In the list 1 you can see the current license state. In this case, the license is not found.

You can use button 2 to request a trial. Trial is not activated immediately after pressing the button, in only sents a request to the server. The request will be processed within a few hours.


To check whether a trial was activated, click 3 or restart PartyCaption.


After activation you will have a trial license for one month:


If you already have a license, License tab will have the following form:


List 1 displays the following information:



4 displays the License ID - code that will need to specify when payments for license prolongation (it consists of Primary nickname and some additional information). On the right is a button to copy the License ID to the clipboard.


Button 5 is intended to send a request to add a nickname to the license. After clicking the button a window will appear in which you need to enter the License ID for a linked license. For each of the poker rooms can be added only one nickname.



Use screenname-linked License ID - this option can be used to link a license to your screenname instead of account name. It can be useful if you have any problems with getting an account code (in Danske Spil Poker, for example). Do not enable this option unnecessarily! But if you have already done so and have activated the screenname-linked license, then do not turn it off, otherwise the program will not be able to find your license.


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