PartyCaption - Lobby

On this tab you can configure different options for the main partypoker lobby.

Hide elements

Here you can hide different elements from the main lobby.

Bottom banner - hides a bottom banner, usually there is an advertisement of various promotions.
Sports - hides Sports tab in a lobby
Casino - hides Casino tab in a lobby
Cashier - hides Cashier button in a lobby
Balance info - hides balance info
Cashback - hides cashback info

Auto open fastforward tables

Here you can configure auto opening of fastforward tables. PartyCaption will open a new fastforward table if you have less than Number of tables fastforward tables open. If you close one of opened tables, PartyCaption opens a new one.

Lobby position

Move the lobby to any position on the screen, click Get current button ane turn on Active - next time PartyCaption will always move the lobby to this positions after it is open. Also you can manually edit lobby coordinates if you want.


Here you can configure global hotkeys to click different buttons in the main lobby (some of these hotkeys do nothing with a current partypoker client version).

Watch Table - there is no such button in a lobby now, so this hotkey do nothing.

Find Seat - clicks Find Seat button in a lobby (this button is available if you have full fable selected in a cash lobby).

Take seat (fastforward) - clicks Take seat(s) button in a lobby (this button is available if you have fastforward pool selected in a cash lobby).

Register/Unregister - clicks Register or Unregister button in Sit & Go or Tourneys lobby tab.

Open spins - clicks Play Now button on a Spins tab, so you can use it to open a new Spin of selected stake. Also you can use Open Spins hotkeys sub-tab to configure hotkeys for specific stake.

Hide/show lobby - hides a lobby behind the edge of the screen. You can use it instead of minimizing the lobby. This should be convenient when using the SnG registrator (partypoker stops to update lobby list if it minimized, so SnG registrator stops to works after some time because new tournaments don't appear there).

Update lobby - trying to force lobby update. This option works as SnG/MTT Refresh SnG lobby every X seconds option, and takes into account Refresh by swithching tabs sub-option, so you can try to update a lobby by hotkeys instead of using auto update option (I'm not sure if this option work without sub-option enabled now, but it works for SnG lobby if it enabled).

My Waitlist - there is no such button in a lobby now, so this hotkey do nothing.

Tourney Lobby - clicks Lobby button (for Sit & Go and Tourneys lobby tabs).

Close PartyCaption - closes PartyCaption

Advanced MTT Lobby - opens Advanced MTT Lobby.
    Global hotkey - if this option disabled, then this hotkey will work on tables only. If it enabled, it will work anywhere.

Spins registrator - toggles SnG/MTT / Spins registrator / Active checkbox (i.e turns on and off Spins registrator).

Add to Waitlist hotkeys

Partypoker client has now waitlist now, so these hotkeys do nothing (but I hope it will be returned in the future).

Open Spins hotkeys

Here you can configure hotkeys for Spins of a specific stake.

To configure and operate hotkeys, Spins tab must be open in the poker client. It is also recommended not to minimize the main lobby during the game (and if you do not want to see it, it is better to use the Lobby / Hide/Show lobby hotkey to hide it).

If after switching to this tab you do not see the list of tournaments in the right part of the window (in the Tournament type list), then click the Update types button - PartyCaption will re-read the lobby and update the list of available tournaments.

Further, on the left side of the window you can add hotkeys using the Add new button, and configure them on the right side. Add a new hotkey, make a setting for it in the Hotkey field and select the required tournament type from the list. Turn on the Ultra checkbox if you want to use this hotkey to open Ultra Spin.
Add another hotkey and repeat the process. If you need to change or delete a hotkey, select it in the left list and change its properties on the right or delete it using the Delete button.

Note that these hotkeys are global, that is, they work in all situations, not just when the mouse cursor is over the table. Global hotkeys in the program are not disabled in any way (except directly turning off Hotkeys / Enable hotkeys, or doing this via OnClick / Toggle hotkeys in HUD / Table panels and General HUD), so you should not configure them for letter keys or any other combinations that are used when typing or that you may press accidentally. It is advisable to use some combination with Ctrl / Alt / Shift or some usually unused keys like F12.

Other options

Kill lobby tooltips - this option destroys all main lobby tooltips. There was a memory leak with them in partypoker client and this option can help to fix it (perhaps this problem has already been fixed, I'm not sure)

Always enabled lobby - some time ago there was a bug - sometimes the lobby did not react to the mouse and keyboard after login. Perhaps this problem has already been fixed, but I did not remove this option - it may still be needed in the future.

Rearrange buttons if the Cash games lobby - hides Quick Seat button and Group checkbox on the Cash tab, and moves Join Table button to the top of the list.

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