PartyCaption - Options

This tab allows you to configure some general settings of PartyCaption, but also contains a variety of options that were not included in the other tabs.

Start minimized - program automatically minimized immediately after start.


Minimize to tray - program is minimized to tray and its icon is displayed there. Otherwise, the program icon is displayed in the taskbar.


Auto check for updates - PartyCaption will check for updates at running.


Remove topmost style - sometimes the table can become on top of all windows, this option can fix it.


NumPad input activates the bet box - any NumPad input will be redirected to a bet box.


0-9 keys activate the bet box - any number input will be redirected to a bet box.


Any decimal separator in the bet box - you can use both dot and comma keys as decimal separator in the bet box.


'Enter' in the bet box works as Bet/raise - you can use Enter key press in a bet box for a bet or raise.


Moving tables holding Left+Right mouse button - table can be moved by simultaneously pressing the left and right mouse buttons anywhere on the table.

Move tables just by Left button - table can be moved by left mouse button.


Repair table caption after disconnect - title of a table can be changed during disconnect (some digits can be added at the end of title, etc). Some programs may not work properly with the table after this - use this option to fix it.


Show invisible tables - PartyCaption tries to make invisible tables visible.
There are two versions of this option, v1 and v2.

v1 is a simplified version, and it helps not in all cases. If you still have invisible tables, then try v2.

v2 slightly resizes a table after a delay seconds after it was opened. In most of cases it forces party table to update its content and redraw it.


Popup table whenever action is required - the program will automatically activate the tables with your turn. If the move on the previous table is not over, the tables will be queued up.

For the correct operation of this option, you must disable all the options for auto activation in the poker client (Options / Multi-tabling / Action alerts).

Mouse jump to table - a suboption that will automatically move a mouse cursor to the activated table. This will allow you to play without using the mouse with hotkeys only (since hotkeys work only for the table located under the mouse).

Forced reactivation - with this option PartyCaption will continuously monitor activated table and reactivate it if some other table was accidentally activated.


Table under mouse bring to foreground - this option will automatically bring to foreground and activate the table, which is under the mouse.


Set note dialog hides when table clicked - set note dialog (appeared at using of Hotkeys / Set note) can be closed by clicking to any point of a table.



Auto actions


Here you can confiture auto hanlde of different tounrney dialog boxes and some other auto actions.

Auto click 'Check' in 'Confirm fold' dialog - you will never see a Confirm fold dialog box if you will use the Check/Fold hotkey. But this option can be useful if you will click Fold button by a mouse - sometimes you can do it accidentally whilst Check button is available. In this case Confirm fold dialog appears and this option will automatically click a Check button in it.


Auto click 'Muck losing/Uncalled hands' - this option will constantly check the status of Muck losing/Uncalled hands checkbox on a table, so it will always turned on.


Auto 'I am back' (cash table) - this option will automatically click I am back button on a cash table when it appears (except situations, where a Sit out next big blind option was enabled on this table before appearing of this button).

Max X times in a row - with this sub-opitons I am back button will be clicked X times only.


Auto 'I am back' (tournament table) - this option will automatically click I am back button on a tournament table when it appear.


Auto-rebuy to max if stack more than X bb - this option will automatically turn on Auto-rebuy to Max option on a cash table, if your stack is more than X big blinds.


Auto time bank - for now partypoker client auto activates a time bank in all situations, so you don't need to use this option, but it still present in PartyCapiton in case this behavior will be changed in the future.


Replayer slot


Here you can confiture a slot for replayer window.

Open a replayer, place it where you need, click Get current button to save its position.

Turn on Active to activate an option.

Turn on Fix position if you want it to be impossible to move to another place.


Decimal separator


Decimal separator is a symbol that used by partypoker client for separating the integer and fractional part of the number in a bet box. It can be dot or comma, and it depends on a Windows language settings. In most of cases the Default setting should work fine, but in some Windows settings (eg Estonian) you will need to choose the proper separator manually.


Notes Editor


PartyCaption has own independent text note system, you can read here how it works.


Player Notes Editor - opens Player Notes Editor window.


Text note template - you can create some note template here, and first time it will be opened for any player without a note.


Font... - you can configure font name and size here (for Note editor window).


Font color... - you can configure font color here (for Note editor window).


Background color - you can configure background color here (for Note editor window).



Import and export


Save settings backup - use this button to save a copy of the program settings - this may be required when transferring settings to another computer or for saving them when reinstalling Windows.


Load settings backup - import previously saved settings from a file.


Import text notes - partypoker stores notes on a server side now, so this option does nothing.




You can use this option to write a PCaption.log file - it can be useful to detect some problems with PartyCaption. Usually you do not need it, until I ask you about it.


Test options



Period - this is a period of windows (tables, dialogs, etc) processing in milliseconds. In most cases, you do not need to change this option.


Period 2 - this is a period of table elements processing in milliseconds. In most cases, you do not need to change this option.


Init table delay - this is a delay in milliseconds, PartyCaption will do it before starting to work with a new table. In most cases, you do not need to change this option.


Attach delay - this is a delay in milliseconds, PartyCaption will do it before starting to work with partypoker client. In most cases, you do not need to change this option.


Betscript delay - this is a delay in milliseconds, betscript will do it before inserting a new bet to the bet box.


Reset hotkeys - use this button if hotkeys stops to work, it can helps in some cases. But this is only a temporary fix of the problem - in most of cases there is a problem with antivirus block (add PartyCaption and party to antivirus exclusion list) or also simetimes - some another programs with global mouse/keyboard hooks without admin rights. These programs also must be run as admin or should not run at all (try to check Hold'em manager, mouse utilities, screenshot programs, etc - configure them to run as admin or try not to run them at all).

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