PartyCaption - Return and Refund Policy

PartyCaption has a full trial for a month without limiting the functionality of the program, so you can test it before buying and make sure it fits you or not. For this reason, the cancellation of licenses and the return of funds for the reason "the program did not suit me" is not carried out.


Force majeure events


If your account at the poker room is closed, this is not the reason for refunding. However, the rest of your license can be transferred to another PartyCaption license, or to 888Caption or StarsCaption license. No refunds are made by other ways.


If the poker room or the entire network is closed or stops providing services in your country - this also is not a reason for refunds. In this case, the rest of license can be transferred to 888Caption or StarsCaption.

Exceptions are licenses purchased a month or less before the event, in which case the funds can be reimbursed in full.

Also a similar event is the release of a completely new partypoker client on a new software engine incompatible with the current version of PartyCaption. In this case, I will do my best to develop a new program compatible with the new client (as it was previously with 888 and FullTilt - I released 888Caption2 for the new 888 client and StarsCaption as a replacement for FTCaption). In this case, all licenses will either be automatically transferred to the new program, or they will be transferred to it according to individual users' requests. However, I can not guarantee the success of the development of a new program in advance, unfortunately.

Return and Refund Policy
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