PartyCaption - Table highlight

This tab allows you to create frames that will highlight the tables according to the specified conditions. In addition to the frames (or instead of them), you can also make the backlight background.

There are two different options on this tab - Table highlight and Miniature frames

Table highlight

This option is used to highlight tables by one of three ways - table frames, highlight of table title bar and highlight of a main table zone.

Active - enables the table highlight option. HUD / Active also must be enabled to use this option.

Add - button is used to add a new highlight rule. After adding is necessary to specify the type of rule, parameters of the rule and parameters of the frame (for Type / Frame) or filling (for Type / Title bar and Table).

Delete - this button is used to delete a rule from the list.

Arrow buttons are used to move a selected rule up and down the list. The rules above are of higher priority, and if the same table simultaneously falls under several rules, then the upper one will work.


Here you can choose type of highlight, type of rule and configure it.

The drop-down list specifies the type of a rule. The following types of rules are implemented in PartyCaption:

Blinds - value of a big blind on this table.
Players - number of players at this table.
Stack in bb - stack of the hero in big blinds.
Postflop players - number of postflop players.
Tourney buy-in - tournament buy-in for this table.
Caption contains - title of the table contains a given substring.
None - does nothing.
Pot in bb - current pot size in big blinds.
Formula - value calculated by the formula.
Table under mouse - this table is under mouse cursor.
Hero action - there is a turn of the hero at this table.
Hand folded - hero folded his hand.
Marked table (by 'Mark the table' hotkey) - manually marked table (using the Mark the table hotkey).
Time to act - time to end of turn in seconds.
Table not under mouse - this table is not under mouse cursor.
Pre-action button clicked by Check/Fold hotkey - one of pre-action button was clicked by using Check/Fold hotkey.
Marked table 2 (by 'Mark the table 2' hotkey) - manually marked table (using the Mark the table 2 hotkey).

Some rules have additional parameters, and some (such as Table under mouse or Hero action) have no parameters.
In most cases, the parameter is a number that is compared to a given value by one of the standard comparison operations - less, greater, equal, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to. The operation can be selected from the drop-down list, and the comparing value is entered in the input field on the right. For example, if Tourney buy-in > 5 rule is set, then this rule will work for the tournament table if the buy-in of this tournament exceeds $5.

Rule Caption contains has a string parameter. This parameter defines a substring that must be present in the title of the table to trigger the rule. For example, it can be a "Turbo" string - and this rule will be triggered for all tables with a "Turbo" substring in a title.

In the Formula rule, in addition to the value for comparison, a formula is also given. Formulas are given by the general rules for formulas. In addition to the usual variables, the formulas can also use the HUD / Table panels tags.


This section is for setting up a frame (for Type / Frame highlight).

Color - сlick this button to adjust the color of the frame.

Width - here the thickness of the frame is set (in pixels).


This section is for setting up a filling background.

Color - сlick this button to adjust the fill color.

Transparency - here the degree of fill transparency is set (from 0 to 255). If set to 0, then there will be no fill at all, if you specify 255 - there will be a completely opaque fill.

Miniature frames

This option is used to configure frames for table miniatures (see Table manager configs with miniatures, for example the defatult Stack 22 configuration).

Active - turn on this option if you want to use Miniature frames.

Table under mouse

Here you can configure frame to highlight miniature of table under mouse.

Active - turn on this option if you want to use Table under mouse highlight option for miniatures.

Color - сlick this button to adjust the color of the frame.

Width - here the thickness of the frame is set (in pixels).

Action table

Here you can configure miniature frame for the table with your action.

Active - turn it on to use this option.

Remainign time - by default this option counts time up from zero (where zero is start of your turn, so it works like [timeFromAct] HUD tag). If this option disabled, then it counts time down from some value to zero (where zero is whole time for your turn, so it works like [timeToAct] HUD tag).

Also you can configure three times and three colors and frame widths for them - these frames will be switched at configured times. If Transform option is disabled, then frame will be switched abruptly. If it enabled, then it will be done smoothly, with intermediate colors and a smooth change of the width of frame.

You can watch in a video below how it works. This video was done with old versioin of PartyCaption, and some changes have been made since then (Bottom highlight zone was removed and Frame added instead), but but in general it helps to understand how it is configured.

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