PartyCaption - Troubleshooting

0. Poker client must be English.

If you have any other language, then reinstall it and choose English in a 1st page during installation.

If you haven't this option in installer, then run PartyCaption and it will be unblocked.

If you play at .gr rooms, then contact me and I'll give you an info how to change a language there.


1. PartyCaption doesn't start.

Try to add it to antivirus exception list. Some antiviruses can block activity of the program, so it can't start. Also do it with party poker client executable.


2. Betscript / Convert chips for tournaments / some HUD tags doesn't work.

The poker client and PartyCaption both must be run from administrator.

Right click on the program shortcut, then click on Properties, select the Compatibility tab and turn on this option:

3. 'Mouse wheel' function doesn't work properly.

Try to turn off the 'Mouse wheel' function in the poker client.


4. PartyCaption does wrong bets (i.e. x300 instead of x3)

It can be with Estonian (and maybe some other) Windows language settings.

To fix it, try to change 'Options / Decimal separator' setting.


5. Mouse hotkeys stop to work and HUD panels don't move while Lock HUD is disabled.

At first try to check #1 and #2 from this list.

Also the operation of mouse hotkeys (and moving of HUD panels too) can be affected by other programs that intercept keyboard or mouse, if they do not have admin rights.

It can be screenshot or video capturing programs, mouse or keyboard utilities, Hold'em manager, etc. Try to close all such programs and check how it will work.

After that, you can run them one by one and thus find the problem. Configure this program to run as admin - this should solve the problem.

Also you can try to click Options / Reset hotkeys - it can help, but usually only for a short time. And also if you cannot find the reason, you can enable one or both Auto reset hotkeys and Cyclic reset sub-options.

In addition, you can try to choose different options in the Options / Mouse processing type (Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3). In this case turn off the Auto reset hotkeys and Cyclic reset options.


6. Computer clock must be synchronized with the internet (and link for Windows 10).

Otherwise, the program may not work, giving a message "License server is not responding".


7. PartyCaption can't load license, and you have a Socket Error # 11001 or Socket Error # 11002 error in a License / Diagnostics.

If you play at zone, then update PartyCaption to the latest version manually.

If you play at or partypoker.nj zone, then configure Google DNS in a network connection settings, for example by this way.

Press Win+R paste this command:
ipconfig /flushdns

and click Ok.

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